Hospital floors take a beating. From heavy rolling loads to the nastiness that can result from the stomach flu, 
they have to take a lot of stress on a daily basis. If a standard VCT is used on the floor, the cleaning process requires significant downtime. In a healthcare situation, downtime could mean compromising a patient's needs.
Enter the no-wax floor!

There are many no-wax flooring options, including LVT, solid vinyl tile and sheet, and rubber tile and sheet. 
These floors generally just need to be mopped and occasionally buffed. Fast, easy, and possible in a high traffic area-- without causing a traffic jam!

On a typical luxury vinyl product, the actual piece of tile is often 125/1000 of an inch thick. However, the wear layer on the top is between 6 mils (6/1000 of an inch) and 30 mils (30/1000 of an inch). Though many of these products are very durable, the wear layer can only take so much before a section has to be replaced. The same is true for sheet vinyl. There is only a thin wear layer on top of the product that takes all the strain.

A homogeneous solid vinyl tile, such as Texas Granite, is often the same thickness as a LVT tile piece. 
However, the wear layer on a homogenous tile is the entire thickness of the product, not just a thin wear layer. 
If you manage to put a deep scratch or gouge in a homogeneous solid vinyl tile, you can often buff it out with a polishing pad instead of replacing sections of the floor.

Durable. Easy to clean. Reliable. Lasting.

HOSPITAL FLOORING : NO-WAX commercial floor tiles

Low Maintenance Floors for Healthcare
Blog Posted 18th December 2012 by Yorkshore Sales & Marketing.
A NO-WAX Solid Vinyl Texas Granite Tile Floor